Crowdspeaking and Crowdfunding


BWB-PRESS News media on line. Worldwide network.
Freelancer’s journalists, bloggers, photographers, designers, web developers, cartoonists…
Project website:


A collective of content-producers and content-consumers mobilized around a key value:

“Information is not just another commercial commodity but a universal collective democratic property”


1/ A cooperative multimedia news agency and a widespread network which produces enriched and innovative content (texts, photos, videos, sound, POM – Small multimedia Object- datavisualisation…) through a responsive multilanguages website

2/ A network of craftswomen and craftsmen of contemporary information linking together diverse media profiles: journalists, bloggers, photographers, video directors, webdesigners, developers

3/ A community website without advertising financed by a “FondAction”* (non-profit media company): subscriptions, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, crowdspeaking


Thanks to a new business model (the “FondAction”*: a not-for-profit media company),

we want to provide independent and high-quality information to the public AND create jobs.

1/ Participative financial investment and governance:
BWB’s founder members invest the core capital
BWB’s freelancers-contributors invest freely in shares and are involved in the decision-making
BWB’s community of reader-donors are also included in the functioning of BWB through a system of co-financing

2/ Subscriptions
The success of proves the willingness of citizens to pay for an independent source of high-quality information

3/ Crowdfunding campaigns in partnership with existing platforms such as Kiss Kiss Bank Bank


1/ Massive crowdspeaking through social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+) in order to launch the website and to develop the audience

2/Optimisation of internet visibility. Benchmarking by the development team.

3/Fundraising through European foundations (Anglo-Saxon, Belgian, Dutch, German, Swiss, French, Italian) to cope with challenges of the modern media market.

The core team is ready to act

The bi-lingual (English, French) website is almost operative:
We made different tests and produced multi-media innovative contents.

We presented our project during a Medialab Session in Paris.
Listen to the following soundtrack

We received many candidacies of collaborations. It shows the great interest to join our network.

We developed a global strategy to launch the website and tested public reactions thanks to an advertising drive based on our Facebook’s page bloggerswithoutborders.
In less than a month, last summer, we registered more than one million of views.million

We currently enjoy 6000 likes and subscribers.

On my personal facebook account I have more than 2500 friends

Our ranking on facebook is very promising: in a facebook research bloggerswithoutborders is permanently among the top 5.
These results are very stimulating because we have not yet worked on the google ranking.

We are working every day on social medias in order to maintain our visibility.

Media researchers are interested in joining us in order to create a new business model: la FondAction http://www.sauverlesmé

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